Monday, November 12, 2012

4:00 am Snack


The Nasty Crew had a long eventful Friday night.  First we went to a local art show : Mr. Benja.  After, we rolled to the bay for Brewtopia. Sorry, we don't have any event photos. We were bit late like always and missed most of the food.  But our homie Phil hooked it up.  Lucky for us, the event didn't run out of beer. 

Later we hit up Gaijin for some boa-boa's, ramen and beer.  Then Nicky Rottens and Noble Experiment for some fancier drinks. 

By the time we left Downtown, it was about 4 am.  We were we still got some more goodies.


Unfortunately, E.vil was an hour and a half late for work that morning...(teehee)


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

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