Monday, October 29, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos - Group Art Show @ The Spot


Thanks to Sonia and Chris for the invite to participate in this year's Dia De Los Muertos group Show!!!

This year, each artists will be decorating a ceramic skull.

Dia De Los Muerrtos FLYER

Día de los Muertos (English: Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. It is believed that the spirits of the dead return to earth for one day to be with their loved ones. The Day of the Dead is a way in which the living remember and hon
or their departed relatives and friends.

Friday November 2, 2012
FREE & All Ages!

Visuals by: Vizual Suspects
Face Painting by: Elizabeth Piña & Debi Winger
Catering by: Baja Doggz
Music by: Dj Jose Chavez-Super B-Beats Boys
Dj Ruben Molina
8:30pm Dance/Drumming performance by: Bomba Liberte

The Spot
1835 Main Street
San Diego CA 92113

Participating Artists:

Abel Macias
Anselmo Garcia
Apple Saira
Bat Brain
Berenice Badillo
Bianca Herrera
Bret Barrett
Carrie Ann Hudson
Cathy Lee
Cesar Castaneda
Christian Molina
David Reyes
Ener One
Estela Gama
Ez Rock
German Coralles
Jimmy Ovadia
Joe Galarza
Joni Nuñez
Jorge Piña
Julia Aguilar
Karla Magana
Kelly Orange
Konstant Be
Lady Savage
Leti Torre
Manuel Cisneros
Mara Nohemi Lopez Godoy
Marisol De Las Casas
Matthew Land
Michael Jimenez
Miguel Angel Godoy
Monty Montgomery
Norell Martinez
Optimus Voltz
Pablo "Oldie" Pimentel
Paul Vargas
Pixie Lopez Guzman
Ricardo Islas
Roberto Rios
Roma Sanchez
Selina Calvo Lugo
Thomas Maher
Tiffany Swenke
Ugo Villegas
Zyanya Rios


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