Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend in Terra Bella


10 things to know about Terra Bella:

1.  Small farming town with a population of about 3000.
2.  5-6 hours from SD, and 1 hour from Bakersfield
3.  (2) Liquor stores
4.  (1) Taco Truck
5.  Nearby camping spots
6.  (1) bowling alley (just 10 mins away)
7.  90 degree weather (dry heat!)
8.  It's hot
9.  It's hot
10.  and it's hot!

Sure there's absolutely nothing to do there.  But it's a great place to spend time with let's drink!

 So on our way up, we happened to see a DeLorean.  Doc Brown sure has changed. 

camping in the front...yard. 

Labor Day Weekends are always a blur...


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

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