Thursday, July 21, 2011

*Guest Artist* Unique


Nasty Guest Artist : Unique


I'm going to be a bit lazy and just copy and paste Unique's email description.  I've known this girl for quite some time and I never knew she had an artistic side. It's crazy what you find out after so many years.
here's the "scoop" i guess.. hahah
not sure how much into detail you get with your blogs... but here's some background on me.

I got introduced to graffiti through my brothers back when I was 13 years old. I've always had a thing for lettering & colors since I was a kid, so graffiti was PERFECT for me.

Took my 1st trip to NY two years ago, didnt see a lot of graffit cause i was with my mom and we stayed in manhattan practically the whole time. finally just decided that i HAD to make it back out there for a "graffiti hunt". Planned a whole trip based around taking pictures of graffit and eating puerto rican tamales. hahah

ive been following a few graff artists and companies on twitter and this guy Tagone from actually started following me. I hit him up asking if he could recommend specific places for me to visit to get really good pictures. He told me about 5 Pointz and I asked if they had a twitter acct. I started following them, they followed back right away. I was hitting them up asking them what their hours were and the guy started talking about "oh we're closed for the season for painting, except for out of towners". I told him that I really just wanted to visit to take pics and mentioned that I wish I had experience with spray paint so that i could paint. he said oh this could be your first time or you couldve been doing it for years, we welcome all artists. as soon as i knew he was serious, i went out and bought some cheapy cans from walmart & home depot, practiced on a huge canvas first & another two times on plywood. (definitely a different experience from painting on a wall)
I met Dizm & Meres ( the guys who work at 5 Pointz) and two other artists from NY that paint there frequently, VERY friendly & helpful-gave me one of their cans for my outline; seeing that i only went there with 4 cans. and now we all keep in touch through FB. :)
Being that it was my first time painting a wall and it was in NY I can honestly say that that had to be one of THE BEST vacations, experiences of my life!!!! I was telling my family and friends to add that to my eulogy!!! hahahah
How many people can actually say that they did that? :)



Unique's 1st wall piece in 5 Pointz, NY!






Unique's 2nd wall peice in Nasty City



photo 1

"Chaka" piece, a gift for the Aguon Family.
Chaka is their family name meaning "rat" in Chamorro.

photo 2



Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

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