Wednesday, April 20, 2011

*RECAP* Against The Grain @ Bar Basic


Basic Tuesdays!

"Against the Grain"
N.C. Winters
Christopher Konecki
Gloria Muriel
Victor Villa

against the grain flier

We run into Laron (RedHawk Photography), before we made our way into Bar Basic. He was taking time lapse photos of people and he asked the Nasty Crew if we would like to partake.  To his direction, all we had to do was stand still in front of the camera while the camera took multiple shots as "life passes by" behind us. He took flicks of about 30-40 people during the day until the sun came down.  I can't wait to see the results.




I had some "repeats" up at the show and had a good response.  I wanted to do some new ones, but I want to save them for the upcoming "Weapons of Mass Production 4: A Stencil Art Show" in a couple of weeks.

I was pretty excited to share some wall space with some talented local artist and also well established San Diego aritst such as N.C.Winters and Gloria Muriel.

N.C. Winters

Victor Villa


Gloria Muriel



Christopher Konecki
I had the pleasure of meeting the "tree" guy from a couple shows back.  He has lots of stories to tell and has such enthusiasm for the arts which is very refreshing to see.  It really motivates me even more to create.  We chopped it up for a bit; talking ideas, inspirations and future collaborations.








Mary Jane :04 got a red dot!


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art in the Streets MOCA LA Public Opening

What up? What it Be?

The nastyKEMical Crew, E.VIL Twinks, rolled out to the public opening of Art In The Streets at The Geffen Contemporary MOCA in Los Angeles, near Little Tokyo. Twinks and I actually parked at MOCA on Grand Ave, which is few blocks from The Geffen Contemorary at MOCA. However, it turned out to be a good thing since we got a free shuttle to the exhibition. Plus, didn't have to wait in line to buy a ticket since we bought our tickets at Grand Ave. Walked right in.

Art in the Streets

Twinks and I arrived a little after 12PM, just in time for The History of American Graffiti book signing. NO, line in the MOCA store and very short line for the book signing. As I got to the front to get my book signed, a few more artists arrived.

The History of American Graffiti

The History of American Graffiti

The History of American Graffiti

Artist & both authors Roger Gastman & Caleb Neelon signed. I was a Happy camper. Thanks to the Wifey, Twinks for buying me the book to get signed.

After getting my book signed Twinks and I headed to the Japanese Village Plaza. Both of us were mad hungry since we didn't eat breakfast. Walked around a bit and decided to eat at Sushi & Teri, an average sushi spot. Affordable and good service. Headed back to MOCA with a full stomach, ready to explore. Still a line to get inside. Once again walked right in.

Inside the MOCA Store ...


Nike SB Geoff McFetridge Paper Dunk High Footwear Design. Limited to 24 pairs. All unique.
Nike SB Geoff McFetridge Paper Dunk HI

Nike SB Geoff McFetridge Paper Dunk HI

Various iPhone 4 shoots from the exhibition. Unfortunately I forgot to charge my phone and the battery died. Not sure why I didn't grab the DLSR in the trunk. Anyways, enjoi.

Chaz Bojorquez
Chaz Bojorquez

Mark Gonzales

Andre (by the restrooms)

Old School

Huge gap of not taking photos. Too busy looking ...

Since Twinks and I were waiting for Ian & NOah to arrive, we took a seat on the floor in the Spike Jonze theater, which was playing selected segments from skate videos from 1991-2008, 2011. Creative entertainment. After the 35 minute video, caught up with Ian & NOah

Banksy ...

I Hate Mondays!
I Hate Mondays! - Banksy

Had to take a flick of Thomas for Izzy.
Thomas the Train - Banksy

Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge
Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge - Banksy


One of Twinks Favorites


Craig Stecyk
Craig Stecyk


Henry Chalfant
Henry Chalfant

Henry Chalfant

Keith Haring
Keith Haring

Keith Haring

Actually a mini replica of a subway
Mini Subway Replica


Streets ...

No Admittance Bike Shop





Pay Phone


iPhone 4 died ...

After walking the whole exhibit. The crew strolled to the Japanese Village Plaza (Still a line outside). Ian & NOah were hungry and Twinks & I still wanted to check out a few spots. While Ian & NOah ate at Sushi & Teri, Twinks & I grabbed some gelato & mochi balls at Mikawaya. FYI Cash Only. Twinks had to run and get cash, while I stayed and ate my Cookie & Cream gelato. Thanks Love.

Twinks & I also stopped by RIF LA and illest.

Pray for Japan: Fatlace x YOYO Factory. 100% Proceeds go to Japan
fatlace x yoyo factory Pray for Japan

Don't forget to pick up the NEW Atmosphere "The Family Sign" ... Thanks Abang Familia
(Actually a custom picture frame. Creative product design.)

Bomb The System