Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OCC Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion: Ning Yeh and Lishui

About two weeks ago I rolled to Orange Coast College with Twinks and decided to stop by the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion while Twinks was in class.

In the small gallery, "The Art of Ning Yeh" and in the larger gallery, "Land Era People of Lishui"

The Art of Ning Yeh
The Art of NING YEH

For over 30 years, Dr. Yeh has been bringing the beauty, spontaneity, of Chinese Brush Painting to the United States.

Dr. Yeh has the uncanny ability to capture the essence and soul of a subject and dynamically capture completely unique moments of inspiration with the timeless tools of brush, color and paper.

Many of you have recently become aware of Dr. Yeh’s work through the national advertising campaign sponsored by Weyerhauser.

Whether you are newly discovering his work or have been a long-time follower/collector, we invite you to browse our online gallery for your daily moment of inspiration. Via Ning Yeh.

The brush strokes were just amazing. I could literally stare at each piece for minute. FYI Watercolor.

The Art of NING YEH

The Art of NING YEH

Vanda Orchid (Twinks like orchids)
Vanda Orchid

The Art of NING YEH

The Art of NING YEH

Land, Era, People of Lishui

A photography exhibit including Portraits, Villages, Various Craft, Living, Corridor Bridges, and Usage of Tools.

The photography was inspiring and captured the Land, Era, People of Lishui. Made me think about my every day life, totally different.

Corridor Bridges by Wang Peiquan. "This is the bottom of Yang-zhou Corridor Bridge of Shou-ning. The frame of this wooden arched corridor bridge does not require a single nail, and is constructed entirely on wood. This technique has been used for more than a thousand years." - OCC
Corridor Bridges by Wang Peiquan

Usage of Tools by Pan Shiguo. Coffin.
Usage of Tools by Pan Shiguo


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