Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kill Bill Stencil...75% complete


This past weekend I finished cutting and started the initial sprays on the Kill Bill stencil. It was pretty late in the afternoon  and I only got 4 layers sprayed before the sun came down.

Colors used:
Black (background color)
Metropolis Grey
Anthracite Grey
Icarus Grey
Wolf Grey

Kill Bill Stencil

The first 4 layers pretty much looked the same individually.  But together, you start seeing Gogo's face evolving.  Look...there's her eye.

1st:  Metropolis Grey
Kill Bill Stencil

2nd:  Anthracite Grey
Kill Bill Stencil

3rd:  Icarus Grey
Kill Bill Stencil

4th:  Wolf Grey
Kill Bill Stencil

nasty dandelion...

Side note: 

This is our 300th post!  Amazing that The Nasty Crew has made it this far...and we're not stopping here! On top of that, E.VIL has created other Nasty accounts to get in more feeds:  Tumblr, Twitter, and also Facebook.


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