Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mixed Tape! by The Halfbreeds

What's good?

The homie Mars recently let a ninja know about the release of the debut mixtape by The Halfbreeds titled Mixed Tape!

The Halfbreeds is a Los Angeles hip hop based crew consisting of two MCs, Dan Frapalappa and Mars.

Click album cover to download for FREE.
Mixed Tape! The Halfbreeds

Track List:
1. Fresh
2. My City
3. Nine to Five feat. Anjelica Belle
4. Mozart
5. Funky
6. Smokin
7. Hollywood feat. Grant Lorenzo
8. Space Cadets
9. One Mic
10. Lil Yung Ice Rims G Murdaaaaaa
11. Girls feat. Brian de Castro
12. We the Halfbreeds

Check out The Halfbreeds "We Play Golf" video.

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