Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tribal Theory @ Seau's


It was around 7 o'clock on a Wednesday night, when Mochi received a phone call from Mai Ninja asking if we wanted to head over to Seau's for Happy Hour.  Never to turn down Happy Hour, we gladly accepted the invitation. We were also told that there would be some sort of event going idea what it was. I had a bad day at work, so I just wanted my crown.

I thought it would be a chill night still was. But thanks to Tribal Theory for making the night even better and providing some great tunes.  Tribal Theory always brings in a great crowd. 

"Jamrock" cover...
(please excuse the bass, it was too much for the camera)

Ending "hump day" with some half off sushi rolls, $4 tall Sapporos, and of course some reggae music courtesy of local SD band, Tribal Theory.





...this is what I ordered, haha...seriously.


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

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