Saturday, November 27, 2010

*SOLD* Stencil in the werks...


I've been werking on a new "stencil" piece for the upcoming Weapons of Mass Production 3: A Stencil Art Show.  It was an open call so I jumped on the opportunity. 

I've done hands before (see here), so I thought I'd stick to that concept.  The only difference here is that instead of one set of hands, I'll be showing multiple sets of hands that will appear to reach out to the viewer.  I got the idea from zombie movies.

Here's shots I took in the dark.

B & W Hands

B & W Hands

B & W Hands

B & W Hands

B & W Hands

I took the above photos and rearranged the hands to look as if there's a bunch of people's reaching out.  Then after some photoshop magic, I created 11 individual layers. "Why so many?", you ask. I wanted to attempt the "photo realistic" type stencil. 


next step was to trace each layer...11 layers!
print screen

Now the hard part:  cutting. 

So far, I finished cutting 3 layers. 8 to go!


40% completion.... 10 days left. I love having deadlines.  I guess its that little bit of pressure that gets me going.

Anyways, I did more cutting today (haha) and I finally got 4 out of 11 layers done.  I only printed out 4 because I didn't think I'd finish that quickly before Monday...I know, I'm pretty surprised myself.

chip board cuts


I didn't want to waste no time today, so I started to apply some paint.  I received a nice package of paint a few days ago, and I was eager to put them to use.
second layer

Colors used:
Metropolis Grey
Anthracite Grey
Icarus Grey
& Wolf Grey
4 layers

I chose to use MTN 94's mainly because of the color selection (153) and also because MTN is legit!  When I saw they offered 11 different shades of gray, it was perfect!  This ain't no dollar paint from Wal-mart.


Nasty sky
nasty sky
I'm actually having a blast making this piece, even with the late nights of cutting and cramped fingers.

Applying the paint and lifting the first, then the second, then the third layer and so on, it became apparent that my soreness and lack of sleep was nothing compared to my excitement of seeing how well the stencil piece is turning out.  I still have a lot of werk ahead of me.  But at least I got the bulk of the cutting out of the way. 

I'm happy again.


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

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Virginia Hague said...

Hello! I found your photos by looking some hands in the dark, because I need some ideas for a drawing I'm making, and yours are perfect, so I want to ask your permission for use them as background. :)