Monday, November 15, 2010

Shades of Gray: A Black & White Themed Art Show @ Bar Basic


Simon says, "Go to Shades of Gray, tomorrow!"

Shades of Grey Flier

Art by:
Daniel Alexander, Surge, Gumaro, E. Manansala, Annie Lou, E.VIL, Eric Wixon, Jack Stricker, Keemo.werks, Monique Jenkins, Grandlarsen, Apax, Jeff Donndelinger, Spic, Enosh, Drah Hard, Andre Power, Robot, Lalo Magarro, Asid, Nick McPherson, Bret Barrett, Daniel Jaimes, Brian Aquino, Christian Michaels, Victor Villa

Live portraits by True Delorenzo

Live art by Rory Canfield & Sharif I. Carter

Jewelry and Clothing by
SD Indian Jewelry
Cruelty Free Feathers by Justine

Music by
DJ Pokkey
Johnny Tran


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

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