Thursday, November 25, 2010

Las Vegas Trip Food

Well, this past weekend Twinks and I rolled out to Las Vegas for my birthday to watch Disney's The Lion King @ Mandalay Bay, which I got to say is fucking awesome that we watched it twice. Haha. Got complimentary tickets from Mandalay Bay and bought student tickets (orchestra seats), third row.

Anyways, on our drive to Las Vegas we stopped in Ontario for some Baker's Drive Thru "Great Food. Close to Home." My first time but Twinks said her co-werker introduced her to Baker's last summer and loved their Chicken Quesadilla. I got Two Texas Tacos (shredded beef and chicken) combo. I would go with the shredded beef.

Before heading to The Lion King show Twinks and I ate at the Burger Bar @ Mandalay Place in Mandalay Bay. Twinks got a Chicken burger with pepper jack on wheat and I tried their Kobe Beef burger with pepper jack on ciabatta, which I thought was tasty. My bad no photos. Recommended by Keemo.

After watching Disney's The Lion King for the first time, Twinks and I caught up with Ceejay and Doi for a late night Fuku Burger @ 4000 West Sahara. Yes sir, Las Vegas food truck.
Fuku Burger Truck

Everything looked so good.
Fuku Burger Truck

Fuku Burger Truck

Buta-burger or "Pig" Burger. Delicious and unique. Never had a burger with pickled ginger. Doi's go to burger. I let Doi order for Twinks and I. Also, got some fries and their fresh homemade strawberry lemonade. Almost ordered another burger. Haha. Good looking out Doi.
Pig Burger

Saturday for lunch Twinks and I decided to eat some old fashion Filipino food @ D.J. Bibingkahan Restaurant. Haha.
DJ Bibingkahan

Duder hooked it up. Yes sir.
DJ Bibingkahan

Food Log and Out.


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