Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kotosh Peruvian Food and Sushi

Last Tuesday la familia took moi' to one of their favorite spots for my birthday, Kotosh Peruvian Food and Sushi in Lomita. I was really excited since I never ate Peruvian food. Was I in for a treat.


Kotosh is a small little joint, which gets packed according to la familia. Parking can be an issue at times as well. So plan accordingly. Has two small flat screens to watch the Lakers game.


Started off with the #20 Tuna Tataki Roll (Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Mayo, Chili Sauce, and Avocado. Wrapped with Seared Peppered Tuna and Avocado. Served with Ponzu Sauce.) The Seared Peppered Tuna just melted in your mouth.
Tuna Tataki Roll

Twinks got the P26 Chicharron de Mixto al Ajo (Fried Fish in Special Garlic Sauce.) I ate Twinks octopus and it was delicious.
Chicharron de Mixto al Ajo

I got the P22 Pescado A Lo Macho (Deep Fried Fish and Mixed Seafood with Spicy Sauce.) Just the right amount of spicy.
Pescado A Lo Macho

Both plates were served with rice.

Special Peruvian sauce (Not sure what it's called but good on everything.)
Special Sauce

Highly Recommended.


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