Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food Trucks ... LA LA Land

For the past couple of weeks, every Thursday la familia has been cruising out to Kmart in Carson for the Weekly Dinner Meetup "DinDinAGoGo" hosted by Lomo Arigato and friends. Got to love LA Food Trucks.

Two weeks ago I finally got to try White Rabbit Filipino Fusion Truck. Twinks and I ordered 4 Pork Sisig Tacos, 1 Chicken Adobo Taco, 1 Beefsteak Taco and a order of Pork Sisig Fries. Not all for us. Haha. I liked the Pork Sisig Taco and Fries. The Pork Sisig Fries were on point. Twinks smashed on the fries.
White Rabbit

This past week I tried a few food trucks.

First, Takoyaki Tanota Japanese street food. Takoyaki Tanota serves delicious octopus balls.
Tako Yaki Tanota

Second, Lardon fo sizzle, which is the food truck for bacon lovers. Heaven.
Lardon Food Truck

Lardon had the longest line that night, which died down as they slowly sold out.
Lardon Food Truck

Got "the baco" (potatoes and cheddar in a bacon shell served with horseradish bacon sour cream) May not be the best picture or even healthy but sure is yummy in your tummy.
The Baco

Third, Lomo Arigato Peruvian and Japanese Fusion, which is Ian's favorite food truck.
Lomo Arigato Truck

Check out the hood ornament.
Lomo Arigato Truck

I got the Tallarin Saltado (Peruvian style spaghetti) with beef and extra sauce. Oh so good.
Lomo Arigato Truck

Fourth, Chunk-N-Chip Cookies, which is actually owned by one of la familias friends from back in the days. Good to see friends doing their thing.
Chunk-n-Chip Cookies Truck

Chunk-n-Chip Cookies Truck

Chunk-n-Chip Cookies Truck

I got the Chunk Mud (chocolate chip & rocky road). Perfect dessert.
Chunk Mud

Support your local food truck.


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