Friday, October 29, 2010

Randomness ... LA LA Land

I know I been slacking on my blog post this past month ... been busy with my internship and exploring LA LA Land ...

Ever since I moved up to Carson I been on a food phase, wait ... I'm always thinking about food. I'm an Official Fat Boy. Anyways, basically been exploring what LA LA Land has to offer ... I guess. Plus, it's the land of food trucks. On that note here are a few spots I hit up this month ...

KyoChon Chicken
Soy Garlic Signature Wings and Sal Sal Original Chicken Strips ... So G double-o-d, Good.

Lee's Sandwiches Can't go wrong.
Lee Sanwiches

Headed out to Alpine Village in Torrance with la familia since werd on the street was a bunch of food trucks post up every Wednesday. However, only one truck, the Ragin Cajun "A Taste of the Bayou Country!"
Ragin Cajun

Ragin Cajun

Ragin Cajun

Gumbolaya. Perfect for the cold weather.
Ragin Cajun

Headed to Taco Surf Mexican Cantina out in Belmont Shore one night after Twinks got out of class.
Taco Surf

Carnitas Ensenada Style and Famous Baja Fish Taco
Taco Surf

Shrimp Tacos, Homemade Spanish Rice and Refried Beans.
Taco Surf

Finally able to catch up with the famous Kogi BBQ truck at K1 Speed in Torrance. Headed out with la familia and when we arrived, there was a line formed even before the Kogi truck parked and opened. Followers indeed.
Kogi BBQ

Open. Now let the wait begin.
Kogi BBQ

Getting closer.
Kogi BBQ

Finally. 45 minute wait but well worth it. No Calamari Taco = Sad Face. 2 Short Rib, 2 Spicy Pork, 2 Chicken Tacos = Happy Face and Full Stomach.
Kogi BBQ

So Twinks was telling me about how her mom used to bring home these deep fried mushrooms and got me wanting to try them but she couldn't recall the place. Luckily her bro remember and actually been craving them too. The place was Monks Char-burgers in Torrance on South Vermont. Twinks and I made a late night run. We actually got there tens minutes before it closed. Picked up some fried mushrooms and zucchinis, which came in a nice brown paper bag. Both delicious. Great snack.

Once again la familia headed to Alpine Village on a Wednesday to check out the food trucks. And, once again only one truck, the Ragin Cujan. Don't get me wrong the Ragin Cajun was good and full filling but we wanted to try something new. La familia decided to take me to one of the OG food trucks (roach coach), before all the rage. Tacos El Gallito, in Harbor City on PCH and South Vermont. TJ style tacos.
Tacos El Gallito

More randomness to come from LA LA Land ...


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