Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PIFA 2010 Ski Beach ... San Diego


Last Saturday (not this past Saturday), the Nasty crew rolled out with la familia to PIFA out in Ski Beach. It was a beautiful day to be out in the sun for some fun. Good weather, good food, good company. Everything was G double-O-D, good.

However, parking was another story. Well, that's if you didn't park at Sea World (secret spot). Haha. Ninja status.

PIFA 2010 Ski Beach

Cruised by Island Tat to say "What uppers to la familia?" Always mad packed with happy customers. This year the Island Tat both was major. Airbrush Tattoos, DJ Kutmaster Spaz on the wheels of steel, and BET (Bless Every Time/Big Every Time) signing.
Island Tat

Next stop, food. Decided to support our local Nasty City joint, A&D Hawaiian BBQ. $5 plates.
A&D Hawaiian BBQ

Traditional Trends Inc. Artist: Patrick Taoipu. Wood burned art.
Traditional Trends Inc


When I was pushing Izzy, he knocked out while eating Cheerios. Funny. Izzy was still trying to eat while sleeping. Izzy woke up, moved and grabbed a Cheerio. Then feel back asleep. Had to take a photo. Caught up. Haha.
Isaac "Izzy"

See you at PIFA next year. Aloha.


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