Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nessy Burgers ... Just West of I-15 and Highway 76

What up? What it be, la familia? ... Been a minute. My bad, been real busy handling some business, if you know what I'm saying.

Anyways, last Friday after some morning golf with Uncle Al and Nick at the Welk Resort San Diego (Sounds like I go often but it was actually my first time.), Uncle Al and I headed to this burger joint that some of his friends were talking about called Nessy Burgers. Nessy Burgers is a little stand that used be a truckers stop just West of I-15 and Highway 76 that grew into a must stop for every one (Well that's what I was told by a local frequent customer. Makes sense to me. Haha.).

When we got there it was packed. No seats (I noticed a few people eating in their vehicles) and a line.
Nessy Burgers

Nessy Burgers

Wanted to try the Top Sirloin Steak but I had to try the Nessy Burger first.
Nessy Burgers Menu

The usual condiments (Plus, jalapeƱos and extra Sauce) and a little history about the Loch Ness.
Nessy Burgers

The Nessy Burger, big and delicious. Mos def leave you with a fulfilled stomach. So, Keemo wanted me to describe how big the burger was since you can't really tell from the image. Basically open your mouth as wide as you can while putting your hands in front of you like you're holding a big burger and that should give you a good idea of the Nessy Burgers size. Haha.
Nessy Burger and Fries

Finally calmed down as we left but I'm sure there was another flock of hungry hungry people soon after.
Nessy Burgers

About the Loch Ness


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