Sunday, October 31, 2010

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) and I know it's already the last day of the month but I thought I share something the Nasty Crew werked on for our good friend Feli in 2008. Feli basically asked if I could help her come up with a shirt design to raise money for Breast Cancer. Of course, like everyone, I had a few family members and close friends battle Breat Cancer.

So here are a few ideas Twinks, Feli, and myself thought up with the help of Keemowerks. Enjoi.

First, started thinking of a catch phrase ... decided with "Keep Them Bouncing"

Second, started sketching design ideas ... kept thinking about music ... hip hop

Inspired by the Lasonic TRC-931 ... Listen
Listen Sketch

Speakers with ribbon ... wanted to add DJ with turntables in background but never finished sketch
Speakers Sketch

TUNA SANDWICH. Tuna in water. (Oil is fatty) Drain. Mayo. Minced red onions or shallots. Sweet relish. Salt/Pepper. Lemon juice or zest. Courtesy of Ian.

Inspired by Acrylick "Lucy" Tee ... Ribbon representing the face of a women ... First sketch
Headphones Sketch 1

Second sketch ...
Headphones Sketch 2

Gave sketch to Keemowerks to do his thang ...
Headphones Auto Cad 1

Changed ribbon ...
Headphones Auto Cad 2

Actual shirts produced ...
WMNS Tank Top
Keep Them Bouncing WMNS Tank Top

WMNS Baby Tee
Keep Them Bouncing WMNS Baby Tee

Keep Them Bouncing

Keep Them Bouncing MENS T-Shirt

Keep Them Bouncing

Keep Them Bouncing ... Breast Cancer Awareness is year round ... Fight the Battle



Guma said...

nice dude

nastyKEMical said...

Thanks ... E.VIL

Mikalogical said...

Wow... You all did a great job brainstorming on this super sick design. The end result turned out flawless in my opinion! I am now officially inspired to step my game up.

nastyKEMical said...

Werd. Much appreciated brother. Your ish is ill son. - E.VIL