Thursday, September 16, 2010

OtterBox Defender Series for Apple iPhone 4 review

I thought I post some pictures and sort of write a review about the OtterBox Defender Series Case for the Apple iPhone 4 since I highly recommend for the iPhone 4 users.

I actually picked up my OtterBox @ Best Buy Mobile for about $55. Sounds like a bit much but I want to protect my iPhone 4. Plus, I'm a clumsy person who drops their phone often. Haha.
otterbox defender

otterbox defender

Very simple packaging and super easy to open/remove content (Basically slides out).
otterbox defender

Included holster, which can be used as a stand to watch videos (My bad no photos) and actual Defender Series Case.
otterbox defender

Impact absorbing silicone, which wraps around the two piece hi-impact polycarbonate with screen protector.
otterbox defender

Notice the nice soft felt liner to protect the back of the iPhone 4 and protective window to show off the Apple logo.
otterbox defender

Impact absorbing silicone and iPhone 4 actually in the two piece hi-impact polycarbonate.
otterbox defender

iPhone 4 in OtterBox Defender Series Case.
otterbox defender

otterbox defender

Instructional Video (shows the holster used as stand)

1. iPhone 4 mos def protected (Hi-impact polycarbonate/Screen protector/Impact absorbing silicone)
2. Everything fully functional (Silicone port and button coverings)
3. Screen very responsive (NO water mark effect)
4. Holster (Double as a stand)
5. ... (Just in case there is more Pros. Haha.)

1. The case mos def adds to the size of the sleek design of the iPhone 4 (But not an issue for a clumsy person such as myself. I need a heavy duty protective case.)

However, if size is an issue ...
OtterBox also offers a Commuter Series Case for the iPhone 4, which is a slender 3 layer case.

"We've GOT TECHNOLOGY Covered" OtterBox



michael said...

Although there are lots of iphone cases that are cheaper from Otterbox Defender Series, I think it is really worth the price. I will buy one when my iPhone arrives.

nastyKEMical said...

Great choice. I love my Otterbox Defender. - E.VIL