Saturday, September 18, 2010

MadL Bacon (Sket One) x E.VIL Breakfast

I recently received my Wizard Sleeve Toys Exclusive MadL Bacon by Sket One via USPS Priority Mail. Limited to 300. WST also produced a small amount of super-limited purple GID chases, which are randomly selected when ordered. I received the OG MadL Bacon. I was like a happy little boy opening a gift on Christmas but I already new what was inside. Haha.

Not only did I receive my MadL Bacon but I got a little bag of goodies. Some slaps, a magnet, a 1" button and a Natalia Gianinazzi Art Hustle Trading Card.
MadL Bacon by Sket One

Anyways, the other day I decide to cook breakfast, and I never cook breakfast. I usually just grab a bowl and big spoon, pour some milk and eat my Naturally Flavored Honey Nut Cheerios while I check my email. Plus, helps lower cholesterol. Not that I have high cholesterol, I'm just saying. Fighting the battle before it begins.

Back to me cooking breakfast. I decided to have a sunny side up egg (It was a good morning) and some fried rice with chopped up longanisa and MadL Bacon. Plus, glass of OJ to wash it all down.


MadL Bacon by Sket One

MadL Bacon by Sket One

MadL Bacon by Sket One

I like this shot the best.
MadL Bacon by Sket One

I like MadL Bacon.


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