Thursday, September 30, 2010

Old Werks pt 3


Here's some really old anime drawings I've done a long time ago.   I mean back in the days of gangters music, white triple A shirts with dickies, web belts with the lettered buckles, ben davis shirts, baggy and/or stapled pants, girls with the really high waved bangs, red or blue chucks (depending  where you were from), flaming hot Cheetos with melted cheese, nutrition breaks, stupid uniforms, the "step cut", rat tails, burgundy shirts, "brown paper bag" book covers, Trapper Keepers, sweethearts dance, talent shows, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Family Matters and last but not least those boring times in class listening to the same teacher teach the same ole thing.

The good ole days...I remember sitting in class taking notes from the board, and realized how dumb and pointless it was. We just sat there copying what the teacher wrote!  I decided to stop taking notes and that's when I started to doodle. I remember sitting in world cultures class and seeing the girl in front of me had this image of a girl on her folder. I thought it interesting to see that different style of cartoon character.  Long story short, I drew it and became fascinated with the world of anime.

Note:  Jr high through high school

Here's the very first. I believe this was back in 96'.

Here's one I drew for my Mochi Ball.

After that I started to collect random images of anime.  Remember the internet wasn't easily accessible like it is today, so whatever image I can get my hands on, I drew. I'm still into anime. I'm a big nerd when it comes to it.  and yes, I go to comic con every year. And no, I don't dress up.

please enjoy







you know I had some Dragon Ball drawings!















Not anime.  I remember I was hella angry at my parents when I drew the next two drawings.  I don't remember what I was angry about.  I was a teen and teens are always mad at something.  But I guess I was really mad cause you can really see how hard I was pressing with the pencil, the sharp and hard edges.



And this is the last anime girl I drew before I went into college...after that it was all about Architecture!  Who would of thought that goofing around and drawing anime during class would lead me to architecture...and yes, to those old school teachers: a BA degree in architecture in 2005!

I wish I could post some more, but unfortunately I either lost or gave some drawings away (mostly gave away...dang it).  I had lots of free time in school, haha.


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

All too familiar...


Speaking of anime, here's a few sketches as of late. It's been a long minute since I last drew anime, let alone used a pencil to draw. I've been in a creative slump, so I decided to go back to one thing that I was actually good at, which is drawing Japanese animation.

In the 3 night span of drawing these lovely girls, I scanned the internet for the right manga girl...then sketched, shaded, erased, sketched and shaded some more.  However, rather than simply just "copying" the image, I decided to add something else to it.  I got some inspiration from homie and local artist, Franky Agostino's. He has done some "Day of the Dead" (Día de los Muertos) style paintings which inspired me a lot.  There's a particular new piece he did which inspired me to do the sketches below (I will post that later).

"It felt like it was back to the good ole days of sitting in math class drawing with just a mechanical pencil on lined paper"... It felt good.

Same mediums, just different time and environment.

20100917-girl 1

20100919-girl 2

20100920-girl 3


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nikon FG photos by Battlescars

Well, I thought I share some photos Battlescars took during his photography class @ SWCC last semester.

The photos were shot using a Nikon FG 35mm SLR with a 50mm 1:1.8 Nikon Lens Series E, courtesy of Twinks.



World War Robot MK2 Bramble by 3A (Ashley Wood). My favorite.

Next few photos are part of a story board series featuring a World War Robot MK2 Barmble & a Lunar Defence Armstrong Shadow Guard by 3A (Ashley Wood).

Lie down with your hands behind your back.

Naw, bitch, you lie your funk as on the ground now ... We no surrender, We no pretender, We bang bang

Crept and we came


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Willy Santos: Support the Mira Mesa Skate Plaza

Time for another ...

Willy Santos: Support the Mira Mesa Skate Plaza

Eat @ Chick-fil-A Fund Raiser
Wednesday, September 22
5PM to 8PM

Bring/drop off flyer when you purchase and 15% of your order total will go to the Mira Mesa Skate Plaza (MMSP) fund. Between 5-8PM.

Only @:
10750 Camino Ruiz
San Diego, CA 92126

Download flyer Here

Support your local skate shop.
Willys Workshop
Mira Mesa Skatepark


Saturday, September 18, 2010

MadL Bacon (Sket One) x E.VIL Breakfast

I recently received my Wizard Sleeve Toys Exclusive MadL Bacon by Sket One via USPS Priority Mail. Limited to 300. WST also produced a small amount of super-limited purple GID chases, which are randomly selected when ordered. I received the OG MadL Bacon. I was like a happy little boy opening a gift on Christmas but I already new what was inside. Haha.

Not only did I receive my MadL Bacon but I got a little bag of goodies. Some slaps, a magnet, a 1" button and a Natalia Gianinazzi Art Hustle Trading Card.
MadL Bacon by Sket One

Anyways, the other day I decide to cook breakfast, and I never cook breakfast. I usually just grab a bowl and big spoon, pour some milk and eat my Naturally Flavored Honey Nut Cheerios while I check my email. Plus, helps lower cholesterol. Not that I have high cholesterol, I'm just saying. Fighting the battle before it begins.

Back to me cooking breakfast. I decided to have a sunny side up egg (It was a good morning) and some fried rice with chopped up longanisa and MadL Bacon. Plus, glass of OJ to wash it all down.


MadL Bacon by Sket One

MadL Bacon by Sket One

MadL Bacon by Sket One

I like this shot the best.
MadL Bacon by Sket One

I like MadL Bacon.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vallarta Supermarket ... 901 Euclid Ave (91950)

Randomness ...

While I was riding the old Nishiki to drop off my mail and head to the gym the other day, I cruised by what used to be a Ralphs since I could remember. As many know Ralphs closed awhile back but not everyone knows what new supermarket is replacing the Ralphs. Actually, maybe everyone does but me. I'm always last to know. Anyways, if you didn't know Ralphs is now going to be Vallarta Supermarket.

Coming soon ... I hope sooner than later.
vallarta supermarket

Doesn't look nothing like the image above ... a lot of werk needs to be done.
vallarta supermarket

I can't wait until Vallarta Supermarket opens. I want to try Vallarta's Mexican Kitchen.


OtterBox Defender Series for Apple iPhone 4 review

I thought I post some pictures and sort of write a review about the OtterBox Defender Series Case for the Apple iPhone 4 since I highly recommend for the iPhone 4 users.

I actually picked up my OtterBox @ Best Buy Mobile for about $55. Sounds like a bit much but I want to protect my iPhone 4. Plus, I'm a clumsy person who drops their phone often. Haha.
otterbox defender

otterbox defender

Very simple packaging and super easy to open/remove content (Basically slides out).
otterbox defender

Included holster, which can be used as a stand to watch videos (My bad no photos) and actual Defender Series Case.
otterbox defender

Impact absorbing silicone, which wraps around the two piece hi-impact polycarbonate with screen protector.
otterbox defender

Notice the nice soft felt liner to protect the back of the iPhone 4 and protective window to show off the Apple logo.
otterbox defender

Impact absorbing silicone and iPhone 4 actually in the two piece hi-impact polycarbonate.
otterbox defender

iPhone 4 in OtterBox Defender Series Case.
otterbox defender

otterbox defender

Instructional Video (shows the holster used as stand)

1. iPhone 4 mos def protected (Hi-impact polycarbonate/Screen protector/Impact absorbing silicone)
2. Everything fully functional (Silicone port and button coverings)
3. Screen very responsive (NO water mark effect)
4. Holster (Double as a stand)
5. ... (Just in case there is more Pros. Haha.)

1. The case mos def adds to the size of the sleek design of the iPhone 4 (But not an issue for a clumsy person such as myself. I need a heavy duty protective case.)

However, if size is an issue ...
OtterBox also offers a Commuter Series Case for the iPhone 4, which is a slender 3 layer case.

"We've GOT TECHNOLOGY Covered" OtterBox