Friday, August 13, 2010

USPS ... We Care

Randomness ...

Well, I recently got my August/ September 2010 Issue of Complex. However, didn't pay much attention to it's arrival but did notice that it was in a plastic wrap, which I thought was different. Maybe it was a Special issue with extra goodies or some shit. Anyways, I tossed it to the side because I had other more important stuff to attend to. Then when I decided to take a peek at my Complex issue. I was like, "What the front door? My ish is tore up."

Basically USPS had put my tore Complex issue in a plastic wrap to prevent more damage.

Complex USPS We Care

USPS We Care
Complex USPS We Care

Only the front and first page got tore.
Complex TI close

T.I. x Jose Parla
Complex TI

Lindsay Lohan x Kaws
Complex Lohan

DC x Ken Block x Huck Gee
Complex DC Huck Gee

Hope you Enjoi-ed. I sure did. Haha.


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