Thursday, August 12, 2010

Product Etcetera ... Fitted + Snap Back

California love ...

Yesterday I cruised to the Product Etcetera studio to chop it up with Tony and scoop up my Westside Love Flat Fitty Fitted. Size 7 3/8. Thanks.

Tony schooled me on various types of screen printing techniques and showed me the TwentyFour/Seven "Team That Never Sleeps" package, which will be sold @ Reed Space in NY soon. Both the concept and the packaging is fucking awesome (I'm just saying). Limited to 100. My bad no flicks. Trust me.

Product Etc

I scooped up the Westside Love Gray (available in Royal as well). Screen-printed tissue paper. I like.
Westside Love

Westside Love

Westside Love

I recently scooped up the 5 and A Dime Rollie Snap Back which was designed by Product Etcetera. I need to cruise back tho, so I can scoop up the Finch Snap Back in burgundy, cause that shit is hard.

Padres colorway (Brown/Cream/Yellow) ...
Product Etc x 5D

Product Etc x 5D

Go get yours ...

"It's all good, from Diego to tha Bay ... your city is tha bomb if your city makin' pay ... throw up a finger if ya feel the same way ..." - Dr. Dre


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