Friday, August 6, 2010

Monthly Kicks: June.July 2010

Well, here is the Monthly Kicks for June and July. I actually didn't wear a large amount of my collection.

Ok, I tried to get a bit creative here but not really. I was going for the "yard sale" theme but in my neighborhood, or should I say hood, you probably shouldn't bring out a bunch of your kicks and set up a fake yard sale of shoes. Some fool might try a quick one. If you know what I'm saying. However, I set up real quick, took a couple of shots and quickly put all my kicks back in their little home. I totally forgot to make a "yard sale" sign. Damn. Oh well.


Monthly Kicks June.July

Monthly Kicks June.July

Nike Dunk SB Low "Rayguns (Home)"
Ray Gun (Home)

Ray Gun (Home)

I thought I tell you a little story about my "Rayguns (Home)" kicks. Well, you might like to know the colorway was inspired by the fictional Rosewell Rayguns ABA basketball team from the 2002 NBA Playoffs commercial. I think the colorway is ill. Plus, the duder holding the two Rayguns. I had to have them. The "Rayguns (Home)" dropped back in January 2005.

Anyways, my boy Jess and I were on a mission to get a pair. First stop was Street Machine (R.I.P), which only had a few pairs left. Jess got his pair but I still needed my pair. The mission wasn't complete. Next stop was Blends. However, Blends haven't even received their shipment in. Talked to Edwin and duder said the shipment should come in that day. So, I decided to go grab some pizza @ the corner (Now J.WOK). After I ordered my pizza I see the FedEx duder walking by pushing a hand truck with a couple boxes headed toward Blends. I asked Jess if he could grab my pizza while I head to Blends and wait. Edwin said he had to check the shipment in before he lets us in one by one (more people arrived but I was first in line). Mission complete. Plus, pizza. Haha. That's the story of how I got my pair of "Rayguns Home."


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