Saturday, August 7, 2010

Marvel Entertainment Group 1992 cards (Comic Con)

Marvel Autograph Editors Series II

So, check this. I know recently in the urban art scene artists trading cards been popping up like The Art Hustle and Cardboard Spaceship Collectors Cards, who been doing artists cards the past two years (I believe). Anyways, I was actually talking to Keemo and Mrv two years ago about these Marvel cards I remember grabbing @ Comic Con when I was younger. I thought it would be a good idea and artist should do something like that. I guess great minds think alike because it came reality. Well, while I was cleaning and going through old stuff I came across those old Marvel cards from 1992.

Marvel Autograph Editors Series II, Marvel Entertainment Group, 1992 (Unfortunately most are not sign and the set is not complete. I was shy young duder.)

Enjoi ... the random-ness

Stan Lee
Stan Lee front

Stan Lee back

Carl Potts
Carl Potts front

Carl Potts back

Ralph Macchio (Not The Karate Kid. Haha.)
Ralph Macchio front

Ralph Macchino back

Bobbie Chase
Bobbie Chase front

Bobbie Chase back

Joey Cavalieri
Joey Cavalieri front

Joey Cavalieri back

Marcus McLaurin
Marcus McLaurin front

Marcus McLaurin back

Craig Kunaschk
Craig Kunaschk front

Craig Kunaschk back

Mike Martin (Michael A. Martin)
Mike Martin front

Mike Martin back

Heide Balaban
Heide Balaban front

Heide Balaban back

Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown front

Tammy Brown back

Mariano Nicieza
Mariano Nicieza front

Mariano Nicieza back

N.E.R.D (No-one Ever Really Dies)


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