Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gone Fishing ...

1Day Fishing

So, I got up hella early to go fishing yesterday in the bay with the homies, J-a-y I flow sicwidit and Beejam. When I say hella early I mean like 5:45am and those that know a ninja, know I sleep like a hippo, all day. Well, I get up late. Plus, I snore loud but that has nothing to do with anything. Haha.

Anyways, the 3 amigos cruised out on a bay skiff with a few Tecate, Santana's Mexican food, ghost shrimp (Plus, other live fish bait.) and of course fishing poles. Unfortunately, nobody caught a fish. Well, Beejam caught some more bait, if that counts. Haha. Oh yeah, I think this one damn seal kept jacking our bait of our hooks. Sneaky little ninja. Duder kept popping his head out the water, watching us as we hooked our bait. After casting our line, waiting for a good minute and reeling our line in, our live fish bait would be half gone. Thought, to smart to be a regular fish.

Cruised around the bay for about four hours, posting in various locations.

Even though the 3 amigos didn't catch a fish. Good times. There will be a next time. Count on that fo sho.

Breathe Easy. Don't hyperventilate.


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