Friday, July 9, 2010

Downtown Strolling


Keemo and I strolled downtown for a minute to peep out the Irons Situation Control @ 5 and a Dime. Spotted an Invader piece while looking for parking. Had to park by Pokez but all good. Don't mind the stroll, I need some exercise. Haha.

Before we headed to 5 and a Dime, decided to stroll to Kleen House. Always wanted to peep the shop out but with my bad luck, Kleen House was always closed when I cruised by. Haha. Anyways, finally checked it out (after how many years). Super duper chill. Mad lovin' what Todd and the Kleen House represent. If you haven't been, stroll through and say "What Uppers to Todd."

Keemowerks and I actually traded some slaps with Todd. Good looking out.
Kleen House

After chopping it up with Todd about art and San Diego. Keemo and I strolled to 5 and a Dime. Spotted a Product Etcetera poster posted inside some shop or studio (not sure which one, maybe both). Supporting the West Side Love. Then right after that, actually ran into Tony (leaving 5 and a Dime) and chopped it up a bit. Duder had to cut and take care of the Wifey (what a gentleman).

When Keemo and I finally made it to 5 and a Dime, said "What Uppers" and grabbed a PBR. Sorry no flicks. Had to be there type shit. Haha. Good turn out. Very chill.

Did you read all that?

- A Kid Named E.VIL

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