Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monthly Kicks: March.April.May 2010

Well, I know I promised that I would do something creative for my Monthly Kicks post but due to technical difficulties and what not, I have Failed. I do apologize.

I actually had an idea for my Monthly Kicks post. However, I couldn't coordinate with Twinks and boxes of kicks started to take over the space in my studio (my room) like a evil monster.

Shoes all over the place from the past 3 months.
March.April.May Kicks 2010
March.April.May Kicks 2010
March.April.May Kicks 2010
March.April.May Kicks 2010
March.April.May Kicks 2010

These are the two kicks that went with Twinks and I on our recent Cali Trip (which I will post flicks sooner than later). Mostly rocked my Nike Blazer SB Supreme kicks (they go on every trip).
March.April.May Kicks 2010

Since I didn't come through with the creative Monthly Kicks post. I thought I share a story about how I actually picked up my Nike Blazer SB Supreme kicks, which are one my favorite pair of kicks.

On April 21, 2006 the Nike Blazer SB Supreme was released in 3 color-ways (black. red and white) @ Supreme flagship stores. When I first saw flicks of these kicks early that year in February I feel in love. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to Supreme LA that day, which was a Friday. So, I was like fuck it, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Here is a little clip by Bobbyhundreds to show how insane the line was that day.

Anyways, Keemo and I rolled up the next day to La La Land to peep out some of the shops on La Brea (Stussy, Union and Undefeated). Then decided to roll by Supreme just cause. When we first rolled up into Supreme the both of us were just browsing, looking @ the gear and what not. Then I noticed some cats picking up some kicks. So, I went up to one of the Supreme dudes and was like "Do you have any more Supreme Blazer?" Dude was like, "What color and size?" I replied, "Black. Size 9." Got all excited like a fat kid eating cake when dude handed me the box. Then all I hear is dude yell out, "SOLD OUT!" I don't know but I think dude was lying because I still seen a good little stack of black SB boxes in the back. What do I know? I got my pair. That's it. That's the end of the story.

Thanks for reading if you made it that far.

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson
(On my Suprme receipt. Yes Sir. Still got it.)

- A Kid Named E.VIL

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