Sunday, May 30, 2010

*RECAP* Gunnzo DIY Contest & Trading Party


I arrived pretty late at Gunnzo and caught the last part of the judging...the customs were awesome and the seeing kids customizing put a smile on my face.

Vandals in training....

The DIY contest had 2 categories and one of them was to bring in your best customs. Unfortunately, there were no names to the's a few shots.

Winner-Best custom in category 2
custom "Two Faced Hazel" (by Kathie Olivas)

Custom 8" munny

Custom mini munny

Custom mini munny

Custom "Two Faced Hazel"

Custom "MadL" (by MAD)

Another custom "Two Faced Hazel"...a very popular platform and it's not even a DIY...

Custom "Neighbor-wood" (by Mike Burnett)

Custom "Cre8tive Peeples" (by MAD)

The other category for the DIY contest was to customize any DIY platform (start to finish) and completed in 3.5 hours...there was no names to these either.

Winner-Category 1

Winner-Category 1

Paul Kaiju

John “Spanky” Stokes...visit his website here, to see all the info on your favorite designer vinyl figures, art and urban art culture...Spanky also covered the show, check it out here

sick resin pieces...The "resin movement" is quickly making it's mark in the urban toy scene...

Jose Reynoso

El Gumpy

Local artist Jose Reynoso revealed his brand new figure “Gumpy” (Castro edition with custom cigar packaging)...a pretty clean figure. I love the eye brows on this guy.

Not part of the show, but I wanted to share this sweet little toy by Matt Siren (Ghost girl)...When I was in San Francisco and saw one of his wheatpastes, I thought that would look sweet as a toy. I guess he felt the same way.  If you haven't heard of this guy or seen some of this stuff, check his website here.


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...


UNCLE said...

Nice post man! That first Two Faced Hazel (with the floating toy robot) was mine. Did we meet there? I was the super tall guy with glasses.

UNCLE (sam)

nastyKEMical said...

Thanks duder. Don't think we actually met. Have you done any new custom pieces? - E.VIL