Sunday, May 23, 2010

More KWS Slaps for Your Viewing Pleasure


What better thing to do on Sunday afternoon, then cutting out +500 new stickers...lately I've been werking on some new and tweaking some old designs...ideas behind some of the "slaps" was basically create an iconic logo, using simple line types varying in thickness/symmetry and using the circle as the base for those lines...and that's what I'm trying to do especially with the KW stickers. The repetitiveness of lines within the circle, however it's oriented, can read has KW, MW,MK or however one may perceive it...the attempt is for "you" to remember it, and then recognize it.

I also try to incorporate the KW on all slaps, whether that is an obvious KW or a hidden one where I try to make it look like it's part of the drawing features. For example, on the bigger sticker, the "hidden KW" mimics a mouth...just a play on the person's perception from a distance.

kws slap

+200 - 3 1/2" diameter
kws slap

+300 - 1 3/4" diameter
kws slap


Hello. My name is KEEMOWERKS. It's my pleasure, nice to meet you...

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