Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yeller Studio Presents "Paper Cuts - A Zine Swap"


Hello...Keemowerks here to tell you about a "zine swapping" event being held by Subtext...I haven't checked my email in weeks, and while digging up some mail I found this... it sounded interesting, and we're always up for events like this. Oh yeah, did I mention that Karl Strauss will be at the event too, serving delicious beer!

here's a little description on the event:

Yeller Presents: Paper Cuts
A Zine Swap in the Subtext Courtyard
Saturday, April 17th, 7-10pm
Yeller is at again with another great event. Paper Cuts is another zine swap that will showcase over 30 artist and designers. Each artist will produce 15-30 zines, and then trade them for other zines the night of the event. Even if you don’t have a zine to share, swing by to see the work on display and enjoy a beverage courtesy of Karl Strauss. Hope to see you there!

for more info visit: or Yellow Studio

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