Thursday, April 8, 2010

Willy Santos: Support the Mira Mesa Skatepark Eat @ Happy Sushi

Last night I rolled out to Happy Sushi with Mai Ninja, Lik and Chito to support the Mira Mesa Skatepark (I know. I'm from Nasty City but got familia in Mira Mesa and I used to skateboard. Plus, it's for a good cause). Willy was there as well with his familia.

If you're hungry for some sushi and in the Mira Mesa area. Cruise through. April 6-8. (Click image & print flyer)

What would you like to drink? Large Sapporo. Thank You.
Happy Sushi

Happy Sushi
Happy Sushi
Happy Sushi

"Finally, real food." - Chito (Been eating can goods for a couple of days.)
Happy Sushi
(Sashimi & Salad. Also came with Miso Soup)

A bit blurry. I was about to get attached by some hungry hungry people (Have to blame somebody. Haha.)
Happy Sushi
(Black Dragon and Happy Rolls)
Happy Sushi
(Spicy Scallop and Mira Mesa Rolls)

Order the Fried Calamari too, which actually came last. (My bad no pic. I'm sure you're sadly disappointed.)

After eating all that food I was ready to go to bed (food coma).

Lollipop, lollipop, lolli, lolli, lollipop. There was a choice of orange, yellow, red and red. I thought to myself that I would grab the one Lik wanted. After I grabbed the orange, Lik was like I wanted the orange. But Lik was coo, since she couldn't decide between the orange and the red. I win. (Just kidding Lik. You can have the orange next time.)
Happy Sushi

Willys Workshop
Mira Mesa Skatepark

- A Kid Named E.VIL

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