Thursday, April 29, 2010

Santa Cruz Skatebaords: Screaming Foot Cruzer

Yesterday, came across some dude with this sweet ass skateboard @ the Love Library (SDSU) while looking for a spot to post up and study. Dude was cool enough to let me take some flicks (not the best or creative flicks but whatever.) Told me there were only 300 produced by Santa Cruz Skateboards and came out almost two months ago. Apparently made in regular and goofy, which is cool. Brought back memories of cruising the beach on Santa Cruz deck (fishtail style) when I was younger and the Screaming Hand, which was designed by triple OG Jim Phillips.

Santa Cruz,Skateboards,Screaming Foot
Santa Cruz,Skateboards,Screaming Foot

- A Kid Named E.VIL

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