Sunday, March 28, 2010

Willy Santos: Skate & Donate

I know this is mad hella late but been busy werking on some projects. Last Saturday, 20 march, I rolled with la familia to the Skate & Donate Mira Mesa Skate Park BBQ Fundraiser. Got there about 3 and mad duders were ripping on the rails and boxes as Willy called out their tricks on his megaphone. Forgot my board (Like I was going to skateboard. Been like 5 years)

Willy Santos,Skate & Donate

Signing the petition.
Skate & Donate

$1.00 "SPIN THE WHEEL" to WIN skate prizes. I got a bunch of stickers and buttons. (My Mom, yeah you read that right. My Mom won a shirt)
Skate & Donate

This duder kept playing. Trying to win a hat or Osiris skate shoes but duder had no luck. Came away with a shirt and mad stickers/buttons. Had a collection after spending about $30+ (exaggerated but I'm sure close) All proceeds go to the skate park.
Skate & Donate

Waxing up the box cause duders boards kept sticking.
Skate & Donate

Willy with the megaphone.
Willy Santos,Skate & Donate

My bad for lack of actual skateboarding. I was busy eating hotdogs while I was watching all the skateboarders rip.

Honey Skateboards , handcrafted longboards, had an area setup. Cruised on one of their boards. I like. Plus, Honey Skateboards gave away a board. Very nice.

Peep the next fundraiser.

Willys Workshop
Mira Mesa Skatepark


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