Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crevice Creeps

Picked up a sticker by Crevice Creeps @ Onyx on Friday night while celebrating Mai Ninjas birthday. (Damn I was Faded.)

Enjoi. - E.VIL

Crevice Creeps

Via About Crevice Creeps
I (Crevice Creeps) am an artist, designer and b-boy based in San Diego, California. I enjoy creating custom art for a living and enjoy freedom of expression through a pen, marker, paint brush, silkscreen, spraycan, music, dance floor, and sometimes a skateboard. I draw stuff for myself, bands, record labels, event promoters, magazines, apparel companies, art for the streets, galleries, family, some friends, some strangers, and maybe someday even you.

Being greatly influenced by the West Coast underground hip hop scene during the early 90's, I learned that bearing and writing under a fictitious name is a rudimentary lifestyle. Through the concept of alter ego we b-boys, b-girls, graffiti artists, deejays, and emcees display a technical level of urban skills and artistic freestyle expression. ENOSH then became my street artist name and b-boy alias; as it is a constant reminder to possess princely manners and express noble optimism as a soulful human, because all in all - respect gets respect. There is always an itch for me to conceptualize and produce hand drawings on a blank canvas. That basic urge fuels me to create and achieve in the world of art and design. That same drive hypes me up to bboy, dance, and rock rhythmic footwork to fresh breaks and beats.

Peace, respects, be cool, and stay fresh.

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