Friday, March 5, 2010

Bambu "Paper Cuts" Release Show @ Queen Bee's San Diego

I know, slow on the post.

This past Sunday rolled down to North Park to the Bambu "Paper Cuts" release show @ Queen Bee's with Mai Ninja and Mok. Ate @ Marie's Cafe. Then met with Lik and Keemo.

After buying our tickets. We mobbed to the little market store to grab a little something something. Then strolled to the whip and posted for a minute before heading back to the show.

Bambu "Paper Cuts" release show

Right when we got into Queen Bee's the performances started. Perfect, just in time.

I sort of missed the actual beginning of the show because I was giving daps and pounds to some of the duders I knew. (I apologize for the lack of performer photos)

The show was hosted by KmB Pro People Youth & the Armory . Emceed by DJ Artistic.

Caught N2RK8 (pronounced intricate) performance, a San Diego emcee duo, Rocky and Alighieri.

Next the Rock SO Fresh crew put on a little performance.

Another San Diego based group, Jehsyn Lavelle and his crew rocked the show next. Mad energy. "This ain't the past ... it's a ... brand new day"

Next Dannu of the Visionaries performed. Sicwidit!

After Dannu performed Lyrical Prophets Strictly Dope (LPSD) rocked the stage. San Diego Hip Hop Represent!

Then of course Bambu performed and killed it.

DJ Phatrick
DJ Phatrick

Native Guns (Bambu & Kiwi) Performing "Champion"

Peep nastyKEMical's Channel for more videos.

Random photos from the show.

Original cover album art work.
Bambu "Paper Cuts" cover album art

Red Bull

Queen Bee's

Queen Bee's


Knockout Vending

Knockout Vending

Red Bull,Red Bull Bambu @ Queen Bee's Sign

Evil Number (no association with E.VIL)
Evil Number

Hope you enjoi-ed the post. - E.VIL

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