Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Venissimo Cheese


The people that know me, know I LOVE CHEESE. Who doesn't?

My boy Ian always talks about this spot Venissimo Cheese but I never been. So after eating pho with Ian and NOah we rolled to Venissimo in Mission Hills. It was like Cheese Heaven. A small little shop @ 754 West Washington (1st location). Bianca was our cheese expert, giving us samples of some of the cheese. Ian, NOah and I tried the Blue Paradise, Leyden, Coeur de Berry, Cana de Oveja, Dante, Saint Agur, Tilston Point Blue, and Rouge et noir Breakfast Cheese, which were all g-double-o-d, GOOD. I wish I could kick you some knowledge about the different cheeses but I'm no Cheeze Wiz like owner Gina Freize. Luckily you have help from the "friendly cheeseheads" like Bianca and little "descriptive receipts (complete with pronunciations, country of origin, milk type & more)" for each cheese.

If you love cheese. You got to drop in one of Venissimo locations.

"Someday, camembert will be as well-known as cappuccino." - Gina Freize