Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SDSU ART N "Pay Phone"

Came across this pay phone as I strolled around SDSU killing time before class even though I should have been reading but whatever. Anyways, I thought this was creative and funny at the same time but that's my opinion. I mean who uses pay phones nowadays, besides dope dealers and prostitutes? However, growing up you had to use the pay phone to call your girlfriend because you didn't have call waiting (parents all mad cause you holding up the phone) or when someone paged you while you were on the road. Blah blah blah … could go on and on.

Enjoi. - E.VIL

Remember those days you used two cups/cans and a string? I wonder if this is connected to another pay phone ... hmmm.
SDSU ART N Pay Phone

SDSU ART N Pay Phone

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