Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letter "E" & "1 (ONE)" Dollar Bill Ring

Yeah, I know, a dollar bill ring. So, what. I made one of those before.

Well, I been wanting to make a dollar bill ring showing the letter instead of the 1 (ONE), which you can find how to do all over the internet. But I couldn't find instructions on how to make a dollar bill ring showing the letter, which I thought would look better. I believe I made one when I was younger (or maybe that was a dream. I got bad memory). Anyways, took a good minute to figure out since I'm a bit slow. Plus, I was looking @ other dollar bill rings on the internet like the Dime-in-ring, which I thought was clever but wouldn't rock.

Maybe I will post a tutorial on how to make a letter dollar bill ring in the future.

Enjoi. - E.VIL
"E" & "1" Dollar bill ring(s)