Saturday, February 27, 2010

Willy Santos: Support the Mira Mesa Skatepark

On Wednesday I was supposed to roll to La La Land but that's another story. I was posted up in Manila Mesa and decided to roll with the familia to Mandarin Garden to Support the Mira Mesa Skatepark . Eating dinner and supporting a great cause, 20% of all the proceeds donated to building a skatepark in Mira Mesa through Willy's Workshop .

Willy Santos Mira Mesa Skatepark Mandarin Garden

Peep the next fundraiser.

(click image for more info)


Voltron Defender of the Universe: Costume

The other day Battlescars was like "Come check this out." I said, "It better be fucking sweet (I'm layzie)." It was more than sweet, it was fucking awesome. Battlescars was on Reddit and came across this image of a little girl in a fucking awesome (excuse my French) Voltron costume.

Then I wanted to know who created the Voltron costume and how it was made. Got to love the internet. I came across Voltron defender of the universe COMPLETED!!! - The Hunter's Lair (Peep if you want to see photos of the Voltron costume in progress.)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

KWS munnies are some munnies I did a while back, 2 years in fact...I recently logged onto the kid robot forums and got some rejuvenated motivation to get back on the munny train (excuse the pun)…anyways, enjoy…

Dull Boy_munny v1

Agony_munny v2

Ichigo Kurosaki_v3



here's one without the fancy template. I got lazy with this one. Cali greens will do that to a person...

skully and big brother_front

skully and big brother_back

and the last completed munny I've done is the mini version...


mini munny with slap

so there you go...hopefully I'll post more in the near future.


Letter "E" & "1 (ONE)" Dollar Bill Ring

Yeah, I know, a dollar bill ring. So, what. I made one of those before.

Well, I been wanting to make a dollar bill ring showing the letter instead of the 1 (ONE), which you can find how to do all over the internet. But I couldn't find instructions on how to make a dollar bill ring showing the letter, which I thought would look better. I believe I made one when I was younger (or maybe that was a dream. I got bad memory). Anyways, took a good minute to figure out since I'm a bit slow. Plus, I was looking @ other dollar bill rings on the internet like the Dime-in-ring, which I thought was clever but wouldn't rock.

Maybe I will post a tutorial on how to make a letter dollar bill ring in the future.

Enjoi. - E.VIL
"E" & "1" Dollar bill ring(s)

... Paper Cuts ... Release Show @ Queen Bee's San Diego

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Open Air" a Street Art/ Graffiti Documentary

"Open Air" Street Art / Graffiti Documentary

A Triad Film
Lou Auguste

"Open Air, a unique street art documentary, explores the studio and outdoor work of the top street artists from New York and Los Angeles": Faile , Skewville , Michael De Feo , Dan Witz , Espo (Steve Powers) and Tiki Jay One .

2006 Coney Island Film Festival and Freewaves International Film Festival


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Venissimo Cheese


The people that know me, know I LOVE CHEESE. Who doesn't?

My boy Ian always talks about this spot Venissimo Cheese but I never been. So after eating pho with Ian and NOah we rolled to Venissimo in Mission Hills. It was like Cheese Heaven. A small little shop @ 754 West Washington (1st location). Bianca was our cheese expert, giving us samples of some of the cheese. Ian, NOah and I tried the Blue Paradise, Leyden, Coeur de Berry, Cana de Oveja, Dante, Saint Agur, Tilston Point Blue, and Rouge et noir Breakfast Cheese, which were all g-double-o-d, GOOD. I wish I could kick you some knowledge about the different cheeses but I'm no Cheeze Wiz like owner Gina Freize. Luckily you have help from the "friendly cheeseheads" like Bianca and little "descriptive receipts (complete with pronunciations, country of origin, milk type & more)" for each cheese.

If you love cheese. You got to drop in one of Venissimo locations.

"Someday, camembert will be as well-known as cappuccino." - Gina Freize


Modern Day Marvin the Martian by MOK

Well, been a minute (a week to be exact) which is no bueno.

Anyways, I though I post a little something something from my Blackbook of Randomness. A "Modern Day Marvin the Martian" by MOK.

Enjoi. - E.VIL

MD Marvin the Martian MOK

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SDSU ART N "Pay Phone"

Came across this pay phone as I strolled around SDSU killing time before class even though I should have been reading but whatever. Anyways, I thought this was creative and funny at the same time but that's my opinion. I mean who uses pay phones nowadays, besides dope dealers and prostitutes? However, growing up you had to use the pay phone to call your girlfriend because you didn't have call waiting (parents all mad cause you holding up the phone) or when someone paged you while you were on the road. Blah blah blah … could go on and on.

Enjoi. - E.VIL

Remember those days you used two cups/cans and a string? I wonder if this is connected to another pay phone ... hmmm.
SDSU ART N Pay Phone

SDSU ART N Pay Phone

E.VIL Hippo x Munny Bub x Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Finally done with my first custom Munny Bub (DIY toy designed by Kidrobot ). Ran into some issues but werked through them. I asked Twinks if she would take some shots of my E.VIL Hippo. Since I was up in La La land the past weekend I thought Twinks could have a photo shoot with my E.VIL Hippo @ the Cerritos Sculpture Garden .

Here are the photos by Twinks. Enjoi. - E.VIL
Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Posted in the grass.
E.VIL Hippo

Just hanging around. Trying to get those delicious leaves.
E.VIL Hippo

Getting his feet wet in the reflection pool.
E.VIL Hippo

Drying his feet by Fire, one of The Elements sculpture.
E.VIL Hippo

Taking a stroll. OH NO! Watch out below! (No worries. The custom E.VIL Hippo was not hurt during the photo shoot.)
E.VIL Hippo

Admiring the Mirage sculpture from a distance while eating some more greens.
E.VIL Hippo

Monday, February 15, 2010

Keemowerks and E.VIL: Postage Art Stickers

Since there is not much of our own art werk on this blog. I though I post some old Postage Art Stickers by Keemowerks and myself.

Enjoi until the next episode. - E.VIL


E.VIL Hippo

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keemowerks KW sticker

Well ... Hello

Peep Keemowerks "KW" sticker. As you can see I add a little something something to that plain looking metal container by adding the "KW" sticker to the top. Very nice.

Enjoi. - E.VIL


Thursday, February 11, 2010

E.VIL Hippo x Munny Bub

Here is a teaser. First Munny Bub custom in progress. - E.VIL

EVIL Hippo x Munny Bub

Writer's Room: Open House Phase 1

Well, this past Saturday I cruised up to la la land and rolled to the Writer's Room : Open House Phase 1 with Twinks, who is an interning and helping with the interior design (Peep the Credits ).

Writer's Room

The Writers Room was created to provide a place where Writers can write.

To that end, we have taken great pains to create a wonderful zen atmosphere with all the accoutrement that Writers need and open during the hours that Writers like to write." - Writer's Room

I really like the concept. Writer's Room is having another Open House this Sat 12-4pm & Sun 2-5pm. If you sign up Sat or Sun you get a 15% discount on a Standard or Professional membership.

Here are some pics Twinks took. Remember this is only Phase 1. Enjoi. - E.VIL
Writers Room

Writers Room

Writers Room

Writers Room

Writers Room

Writers Room

Writers Room

Writers Room

Writer's Room Facebook

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MOK Stickers

It's raining again ...

Here are few stickers done by MOK. All hand drawn (which means duder put in werk). Not sure of the quantity but sure about the quality, fresh.

Enjoi. - E.VIL


Peep the cross hatched detail on the hat and roman numeral on the bottom, which tells you the sticker number.

OG Shark

Variant Shark

How To Make It In America: Episode #1 (HBO)

New Series Premieres Feb. 14 @ 10 PM.

Update: ***You have to watch it on youtube***

How To Make It In America: Episode #1 (HBO)

I'm going to have to get HBO. - E.VIL

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dumbfoundead DFD Jam Session 2.0

8 people with 5 instruments originally from 4 Continents speaking 3 languages for 1 song.

A message from Brian @ Cain Mosni
Concept was inspired by the amazing Galt MacDermot and his song called "Coffee Cold". While I was in college, Handsome Boy Modeling (Prince Paul and Dan the Automator ) flipped it with J-Live and Roisin Murphy from Moloko and called it "The Truth". Go check out all those versions. Know your history.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

12 Tricks One Take: BBoy Casper x Slave Boy Films

Slave Boy Films

12 Tricks, 83 Seconds, 1 Take

OIC Viral Marketing campaign for Roxio Creator 2010 and Microsoft Windows 7

Here is the Original 8 Tricks in 52 Seconds by therealsoundwave ( BBoy Casper )

"BBoy Casper is Nasty like My City" - E.VIL

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monthly Kicks: January 2010

I was kind of bored and decided to take a picture of the kicks I rocked through out the month (not in any order). I love kicks. What can I say? Enjoi. - E.VIL

January Kicks 2010