Friday, January 22, 2010

Spinning Wheel by Battlescars

I been meaning to post this for a minute but I was caught up (in physical attraction) ... my bad, side tracked ... but for real, wanted to post a video by Battlescars called Spinning Wheel. Battlescars did this video for his Telemedia 163 Final Project using Adobe After Effects.

A little info about the track Battlescars used, Spinning Wheel. Performed by Maynard Ferguson which is originally written by David Clayton-Thomas. Battlescars cut up the track and blended the sections for the video.

When I first watched the video I thought it could be an opening or ending credits for a movie. Then Twinks said it reminded her of the intro to Monsters Inc.

Check it out. Enjoi. - E.VIL

Spinning Wheel from Battlescars on Vimeo.

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