Tuesday, January 26, 2010

9Five Eyewear


Well, lets see. I want to talk about 9five , which is not your ordinary eye wear company. 9five Eyewear is targeting the skateboard industry and culture, literary rocking 9Five Eyewear while skateboarding and representing SD.

Being from SD myself I wanted to know the meaning behind the brand name 9five. So I emailed my buddy Glenn @ 9five.

Glenn responded
"Yo what's up meng!

Well 9five is a collective idea. Some may say that it's the year they started skating (1995). Other's have discovered the supreme mathematic algorithm of 9five to total the "Birth of Power" (the number 9 representing the life cycle of "Birth" and the number five represents the knowledge of "Power"). In astrology, every 14th (9 + five) day of the month is when the sun is at its highest. 9five means a lot of things to different people. All in all, it’s really not what 9five is, but rather what's 9five to you?

Hope that covers it.

9five offers a variety of styles and colors in their collection including: (click style to view colors)

Cult Classic





Plus, 9five produces fucking awesome videos (excuse my French).

Peep 9five Eyewear 2009 Lookbook (as well as other videos).

9five Eyewear 2009 Lookbook from Mike Metcalf on Vimeo.

Local Retailers:
5 & a Dime
Overload Skateshop
Willy's Workshop

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