Friday, November 13, 2009

E.VIL BLK on BLK Hoodie

Well, finally re-stitched the lettering on the OG E.VIL BLK on BLK hoodie. Only took about a year (actual werk: few hours over a couple of days). Originally given as a White Elephant Christmas gift in 2006 with a $25 Best Buy gift card. Plus, guaranteed freshness. Had some issues with the sewing machine stitching since it was quickly put together. However, this time around I hand stitched the lettering. Giving the sweater a more personalized look. Just in time for the cool weather. Beejam enjoi.

I plan on werking on some more hand stitched hoodies. Possibly a small run of size large.

BLK denim on Blk hoodie
E.VIL BLK on BLK Hoodie

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