Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hilarious exercise for women!

No time to explain...its random, but just watch, lol.

No way this shit is for real. It's got to be a joke...after reading some comments made by "youtubers", this is an actual product and even has it's own air time (as you can see from above)...I'm still laughing...oh how I love today's infomericals...CLASSIC! You got to love the marketing technique, it sure got my attention.

"just 6 minutes a day, the Shake Wieght defines your biceps, your triceps, your shoulders and chest"...hahahaha. Wow, only 6 minutes a day...hee hee


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The London Police...The Making Of “Brothers In Arms”

I thought I'd shared this great interview by one of my favorite crews: British artist collective The London Police ...I was stoked to have met Chaz at one of his past shows in LA LA land. I remember Chaz drawing a perfect circle with one hand, while holding a blunt on the other...shit was amazing. It also made me laugh a little. Unfortunately, Bob wasn't at the show, but after watching the vid, he seems to be just like his partner...enjoy.

Address: Carmichael Gallery/ 1257 N. La Brea Ave /
West Hollywood CA 90038
Opening Reception: Thursday September 10 2009 / 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Exhibition Dates: September 10 – October 1


Saturday, September 5, 2009

a little preview...

okay, no more to get shit done this labor day weekend.


Friday, September 4, 2009


What up though? Just got a sticker from one of the homies SNUZ. I love to collect stickers. I mean who doesn't. If you don't get it, you probably never will and lost touch with your inner child. (I feel sorry for your mother.) Anyways, if you actually look @ the sticker you can see the letters "SN" on the right ear and "UZ" on the left ear. E.VIL


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Street Scene 2009 San Diego East Village

Mai Ninja gave me (E.VIL) a call in the morning letting me know she had four tickets to Street Scene. Since I didn't have any plans for the day or night I was like "Werd, for free. Oh What? Hell Yeah I'm down to roll." Mai was bringing her friend J Rock. So that left two tickets for myself and one more. Mai asked if Mok was down to roll. Mok knew Blue Scholars was performing so you know he was down. Mok has been a Blue Scholars fan since day one. Mok and I met Mai and J Rock on "J and 13th" in East Village.

For Free.
Street Scene 2009 (Free Tickets)

The moment we got in you could hear Blue Scholars starting their set @ the Zarabanda Stage. If you're not familiar with Blue Scholars, they're a duo from Seattle, Washington consisting of MC Geologic and DJ Sabzi. Blue Scholars performed a few tracks off their earlier albums, as well as tracks off OOF! EP. If you ever get a chance to see Blue Scholars live, watch Sabzi, that cat is animated. Don’t get me wrong, Geologic has mad energy as well. Mad love for Blue Scholars.

Street Scene 2009 - Blue Scholars - Sabzi
Street Scene 2009 - Blue Scholars - Geologic

Street Scene 2009 - Blue Scholars - Sabzi

Blue Scholars
Street Scene 2009 - Blue Scholars

After Blue Scholars we had some time before Busta Rhymes performed on the Zarabanda Stage. We decided go check out Public Enemy @ the Fulana Stage. When we arrived PE hadn't even started their set. Mai Ninja and J Rock got a little snack.

Dirty Dog
Street Scene 2009 - Dirty Dog

This was actually the first time I ever seen PE live and you know when their set has begun because you can feel the bass move your whole body. Flavor Flav was krazyie with mad energy (I don't even think I could move that fast). Chuck D came out rocking a cut off shirt and basketball shorts (Who can blame him? It was fucking hot).

Flavor Flav on the jumbo screen
Street Scene 2009 - PE - Flavor Flav
Street Scene 2009 - PE - Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav and Chuck D on the jumbo screen
Street Scene 2009 - PE - Flavor Flav x Chuck D

After watching PE for a minute got a little thirsty, decided to head back to the whip and get some “get fucked up drink,” but as we were leaving Busta Rhymes was about to start his set. Busted a bitch and headed to the Zarabanda stage. Listened to Busta Rhymes since back in the days, but I never seen Busta live. I got to say Busta and Spliff know how to rock a show.

Busta Rhymes and Spliff
Street Scene 2009 - Busta Rhymes x Spliff
Street Scene 2009 - Busta Rhymes x Spliff

Busta on the jumpbo screen
Street Scene 2009 - Busta Rhymes

When Busta set ended our mission to get some "get fucked up drink" was on again.

Heading back to the whip.
Street Scene 2009

After getting our "get fucked up drink" Mai Ninja, J Rock and I posted outside of the venue for a minute and ended up talking to some local bums. Mok had to cut. Heading back in we stopped by the Green Stage to check out The Knux, which is a duo of brothers Krispy Kream and Rah Almillio. The Knux (short for The Knuckle Heads) is originally from New Orleans but since Hurricane Katrina, moved to La La Land. I seen them perform @ The Roxy Theatre with Blue Scholars, Roscoe Umali, and Bambu back in 2007. Check out "Bang!Bang!" and "Cappucino" by The Knux. Sorry no photos.

Next headed to catch Thievery Corporation @ the Fulana Stage. Mai Ninja, J Rock and I just found a spot to sit and listen to the music. Thievery Corporation is a Washington, D.C. group consisting of a DJ duo, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, who werk with many artist.

Just before Thievery Corporation set
Street Scene 2009 - Thievery Corporation

After Thievrey Corporation set, the herd of people crowded the Fulano Stage to see M.I.A perform. I stayed exactly where we were posted, drinking my coke and eating a dirty dog (good looking out Mai Ninja). Only stayed for a minute, not really my music. However, the crowd seem to love the show.

M.I.A. on the jumbo screen
Street Scene 2009 - M.I.A

All in all I had a blast chillin' with good company and watching live performances. I love free events. Well, actually I had to pay $1.20 for parking. E.VIL

Street Scene 2009 Parking