Monday, August 13, 2007

Hailing from the Nasty

How should I (keemowerks) introduce our newly created crew known as KEM? Jumping straight to the point, we are three guys from the "nasty" who share the same interest: art.
and to fill up the page with more nouns, verbs and other jibber-jabber; here is a more professional introduction.

Who we are_

Hailing from “the nasty” (National City, CA), KEM is a group of art lovers consisting of three unique minds: keemowerks, e.vil and mok. With each possessing a distinctive style, each sees everyday objects differently. What brings these guys together, besides the mutual love for the arts, is the promoting of their own expressions through any form: painting, lettering, simple doodles in a black book, toy making and down to hand stitched shirts. We are new, but just like any newly created crew, we are curious about all types of expressions, studying and constantly questioning our own style, ever changing and evolving.

What is nastyKEMical_

Kem is a (product of) expression, made with the intention of stimulating the masses’ thought process and as well as human senses/feelings. Through our expressive manner, we hope to influence and/or stimulate the human mind. Our goal is not the creation of art, but rather what art implies and brings about. Our concern is the impact one gets on viewing art, the relationship an individual feels, the communication, the common ground, the appreciation, and the effect or influence it has or has had in the past. Lastly, Kem is a verb, an action, a product or a collection of those actions and objects brought together as a whole, a team, and crew, to create an expressive conceptual piece of art.